It has been a ‘who’ is behind the school fires in more than a month now but there are more other questions to be answered. Why are students burning their own schools? Who should be held responsible for the arson? Should the education Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang’i resign?
Now look, this are just some of the questions running through people’s minds but with no answers. It has now become a national disaster catching everybody’s attention. A lot has been said about students torching their dormitories with petrol and the way it’s done, it’s like a well planned thing involving not only students but also their teachers .

Moving away from that, children seem to lack good morals in this century. Parents have forgotten their roles as far as child growth is concerned. How busy are the parents? You let your house-helps take your children to school, pick them in the evening, play around with them, assist them in doing their homework, wash them and take them to bed. The same thing happens throughout until the child grows without the help of the parent. What do you think when the kid is through with his or her primary education? Well, they are no longer kids but teenagers who are already fourteen to fifteen years old ready join secondary schools.
At this point, parents are needed most in guiding them on what is good and bad in the society but do they do that nowadays?

Technology has somehow affected child growth. Nowadays kids are obsessed with the Internet, they try to know more on what is going on in the current world.By the time these boys and girls join secondary schools, they know a lot but not through their parents but from what they get when they log in their social media platforms.
These young secondary school boys and girls are likely to burn their schools due to peer pressure and mostly what they say as ‘staying long in school’ simply because they want to be at home.
In this matter, who’s to blame? By this time, students should have adopted with the system which they say was changed by the current Cabinet Secretary. What have teachers done in curbing the situation of burning schools which has now gone overboard?

So far over 100 schools have been torched by students in the last one month leading to closure of others due to tension. What will happen if we don’t get a solution? School principals are against the CS’s impromptu visits to their schools saying that they should be left alone to conduct their responsibilities appropriately without his interruptions. Is it because the CS is working so hard to eliminate cheating in national examinations that the school heads are against leading to burning of school? Perhaps, that is for another day…..IMG_20160616_113545


2 thoughts on “#EndSchoolFires

  1. indeed the matter has gone beyond the limits and its high time the government spearheaded by his Excellence Uhuru take this matter considerably and come up with a lasting solution. though the reasons might be brought on board but what we want is the government to restore calmness and embrace the culture of Independence amongest the students by finding the cartels of exam and ensure they rot in jail.

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