MEET THE Sh 20M Betway Jackpot winner.

The 62 year old man eyes for another wife after pocketing 20 million shillings in a competitive weekly Betway jackpot. Mr Joseph Onywera who is a farmer in Kapiyo in Kano, Kisumu county, won the amount early June after he correctly predicted the outcome of 13 football matches in the English Premier League.

His wife came back after she heard that his husband’s luck had come through but he had no time with her leaving her with regrets of why she couldn’t stay during the ‘hard times’ in their marriage.
Mr. Onywera decided to build a new house and plans to marry another wife to start his ‘millionaire‘ life with.

Mr.Onywera supervising the construction of his house

Majority of university students are also trying their luck with some using their school fees in gambling. It’s that risky and has left many stressful with others committing suicide due to losing huge amounts of money in betting.

It could be a huge blow to the betting companies now since a committee was formed by MPs to investigate the rise of gambling activities in Kenya. The committee is led by the Majority leader in the national assembly Hon. Aden Duale and the Deputy Minority Leader Hon. Jakoyo Midiwo. The committee has 14 days to present it’s findings and recommendations on how to regulate gambling in the country. Is Kenya a gambling nation?


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