Is the Third Way Alliance a solution to Kenya’s development? 

Apparently, Dr. Ekuro Aukot has come out to sell his manifesto to Kenyans that he’s the best candidate they’ll ever vote for. In today’s Kenyan politics, there are only two major political parties which Kenyans look for, and the Third Way Alliance comes a bit way far from people’s minds.

What makes it hard for any other party to penetrate in between and form the next government is the popularity the ruling coalition and the opposition have acquired in the past years. Talking of Jubilee and CORD, people tend to focus keenly on the two and forget about any other party which might be a good option come 2017.

One does not wake up one day and say he or she wants to be a president. It’s a step by step kind of thing which needs consultation, support and acceptance from your surrounding.



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