Jeff Koinange Live  Is Back: Citizen TV From  1st of March. 

After a long wait, Kenyans will have something to smile about since  Jeff Koinange Live is back on a new station, Citizen Television from 1st of March. 

Wednesday will be the best day on Television and all viewership will be on Citizen TV for the great show in Kenya Jeff Koinange Live. 

What does this this mean?  Will KTN lose their fans after the suspension of Koinange’s show?  The suspension was a result of Nairobi Gubernatorial seat aspirant, Miguna Miguna attack on his fellow candidate,  Esther Passaris which was said to be an insult and attack on women generally. 

Miguna Miguna has  been  on the limelight for his controversial remarks  and the slogan ‘Drain the swamp’ of which he says  he’ll throw out all cartels in the city and make Nairobi a great place. 

What next for Jeff Koinange as we approach the general elections?  With his incredible interviews, Wednesday will always be a fantastic day of the week for politics lovers. What about the Inspirational Thursday?  

Mark the date. It’s the 1st of March.   

Somebody say Oh My!

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