Waiguru Ahead Of Karua In Kirinyaga Gubernatorial Race – Pollster 

In a research carried out by Tifa on counties preferred candidates, Anne Waiguru leads with 55% followed by her rival Martha Karua with 35% only. 

According to the polls, 24% prefer Waiguru because they need change in leadership of the county, 22% believe she had good Leadership skills and experience, 21% believe in her manifesto and they believe she is development oriented while 5% will vote her because she’s in Jubilee. 

Courtesy of Tifa Research Company.

Reasons for not voting Waiguru 

53% –  will not vote for Waiguru due to her involvement in the NYS scandal where millions of Shillings were lost. 
23%- say she’s not known in Kirinyaga 

8% say she does not understand the problems faced by Kirinyaga people. 

With an approval of 35% in Kirinyaga Gubernatorial race, Martha Karua believes she’s capable of governing Kirinyaga having been in government for 20 years. 49% believe she’s a good leader having served in different ministries so she has enough  experience,  19%  believe she’s not corrupt and 17% believe in her promising manifesto and development plans. 

Reasons for not voting Karua 

20%- say she was in government for a long time but she did not influence development in Kirinyaga County 

12%- say she has been in opposition and fighting the president since 2013 while 

 11%  say she’s proud, arrogant and rude.

The incumbent Joseph Ndathi enjoys 3% only proving that the race is between the two women candidates. 

Is it Waiguru or Karua on 8th of August? 

Courtesy of Tifa Research Company

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