#ChangeofGuardKe : Sonko Takes Over At City Hall. 

Nairobi County Governor, Mike Sonko.

The inauguration ceremony was presided over  by H. E President Uhuru Kenyatta who was accompanied by his deputy, Hon. William Ruto at Uhuru Park. 

The ceremony was attended by various government officials and the outgoing Nairobi County Governor, Dr Evans Kidero and his deputy Jonathan Mueke who handed over power to the newly elected Governor, Mike Sonko and his deputy Polycarp Igathe. 

Looking at Mike Sonko as a senator and a legislator in the past years, his performance record is clear. He performed well as a member of Parliament for Makadara and helped the youth by opening up various initiatives to help them earn a living. 

Sonko has been passionate about things that affect  people living in Nairobi and the country at large. He has helped in reclaiming grabbed land for people living in Nairobi, paid hospital bills, paid school fees for needy children and also supplied water to residents living in slams. Just to mention a few. 

Despite the number of cases linking him, Sonko has been on the forefront in helping the common  Mwanainchi live a better life. He has always fought for the poor and helped needy children achieve their dreams. 

In his speech, he said Nairobi has been in the hands of cartels who held it’s people hostage and he’s ready to transform and make it a great city in Africa at large. 

Nairobi has been on the verge of corruption. Sonko has questioned the outgoing Governor, Dr Evans Kidero a number of times on resource management in the city. 

Recently, Sonko started Operation Ng’arisha Nairobi a move that is set to clean every corner of the city. He has since collected garbage, worked on sewages and cleaned up markets within the city. 

Sonko has a very good manifesto for Nairobi and in his first 100 days in office, we expect a great change in the city including a reduction in parking fee and many more. 

He concluded his speech by thanking Nairobi residents for  believing in him and he can not let them down. He’s ready to transform Nairobi County and will be held accountable after 5 years. 

Hongera Governor Sonko. 


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