Jeff Koinange Live  Is Back: Citizen TV From  1st of March. 

After a long wait, Kenyans will have something to smile about since  Jeff Koinange Live is back on a new station, Citizen Television from 1st of March. 

Wednesday will be the best day on Television and all viewership will be on Citizen TV for the great show in Kenya Jeff Koinange Live. 

What does this this mean?  Will KTN lose their fans after the suspension of Koinange’s show?  The suspension was a result of Nairobi Gubernatorial seat aspirant, Miguna Miguna attack on his fellow candidate,  Esther Passaris which was said to be an insult and attack on women generally. 

Miguna Miguna has  been  on the limelight for his controversial remarks  and the slogan ‘Drain the swamp’ of which he says  he’ll throw out all cartels in the city and make Nairobi a great place. 

What next for Jeff Koinange as we approach the general elections?  With his incredible interviews, Wednesday will always be a fantastic day of the week for politics lovers. What about the Inspirational Thursday?  

Mark the date. It’s the 1st of March.   

Somebody say Oh My!

#MuslimBan : Trump Is Making America Unsafe. 

Protests mount against US president Donald Trump‘s immigration order which are set to ban Muslims from countries affected by terror attacks entering the US. 
The ban is likely to affect even those who acquired green cards legally leaving many under imminent threat from this action which is said to bring more hatred and loss of allies  rather than more safe according to Reed Hastings~CEO Netflix. 

“We are a nation of immigrants, and we all benefit when the best and brightest from around the world can live, work and contribute here.  ” Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg said. 

President Trump should be focusing on togetherness to protect  American values of freedom and opportunity rather than building hate and unnecessary threats to the thousands of innocent people living in the US. 

Already seven countries have been affected by the Muslim ban which include Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, Iran, Iraq and Libya. 

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Lebanon are excluded from the list despite the fact that they are said to have been involved in various attacks on Americans. 

The late Muhammad Ali once said that terrorists are not following Islam. Killing people and blowing up people  and dropping bombs in places and all this is not the way to spread the word of Islam. So people realize now that all Muslims are not terrorists. 

The executive order bans all refugees for four months. No citizen of the seven Muslim countries allowed into US. 

Multiple rulings block Trump’s executive  order on travel and immigration temporarily and an emergency stay granted for those already in the US. 

The world is reacting on Trump’s order on immigration with thousands protesting on the streets of US saying ” This is not who we are”. 

Top Republicans including Senator John McCain  have raised concerns on travel ban saying there were no consultations with the state. 

Will the order be overturned? 

Sad!  Miss World Kenya Nyamira County Dies

23- year old Mercy Mokeira has been in the limelight after she clinched Miss Nyamira County title. Kenyans on social media  criticised her after she took a photo with prisoners whom they said were beautiful than her. 

She has been ill since December having complained of neck pains and taken to Kijabe Mission Hospital where she was treated and later discharged.

 Mokeira who was to graduate this year with a Degree in Law at Kenyatta University   was  admitted at North Kinangop Hospital  later this month after developing muscle pains where she died while undergoing treatment. 

May her soul rest in eternal peace. 


See Why People Are Pissed With JCC’s Controversial KIUNAs

You may wonder how “people of God” can get that rich and live The Fabulous Life of the Filthy Rich Millionaires but Rev Kathy Kiuna and Bishop Allan Kiuna are proving. 

Apparently, The Kiunas are said to have bought a jet. Yes, a jet for their Dad to celebrate his 50th Birthday in style. Oh yeah.

Kenyans took it to social media platforms to bash him with some praising him. 

No chills at all. Check out this post

Why not, with a huge congregation and tithes.

Now look,Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners Chappel,  Nigeria added another jet to his hanger, for a whooping $30M bringing the number of his private jets to four. 

I wonder about Mega Churches and their need to own private jets after all. Is it that many souls will be lost when the Pastor /Bishop wastes time traveling in commercial airline?  You’ll realize that as a church member, you’ll pay for the fuel. Why not when you need “them prayers” 

Oh, by the way, how did Jesus reach the multitudes