Governance And Accountability Summit

Held at statehouse,a number of leaders attended including US Ambassador to Kenya Bob Godec. Several opinions raised as far as corruption is concerned .According to Godec,a number of people need to be in prison over corruption.With over 500 cases in courts,corruption has affected our economy and denied many Kenyans job opportunities .

President Uhuru added that we can always find solutions to our problems if only we can converse and work together.He further argued that the judiciary should judge corrupt individuals fast as justice delayed is justice denied.


The  statehouse summit on Anti-Corruption and Accountability aimed at calling for fast tracking of hearing of corruption cases in court according to the Director of Public Prosecutions,Keriako Tobiko.The judiciary must actively lead the fight against graft and any form of misappropriation of national resources.

CBK Governor said that we would want a special court for financial crimes to speed up the process of prosecution.If our judiciary continues losing its authority and impartiality,the “song” of impunity and arnachy is not ending soon.

According to US Ambassador ,there are solutions to problems ,Kenya has made progress but not nearly enough,convictions need to happen.


AG Githu Muigai added that we have come a long way since 2003 in the fight against corruption but the worrying thing is that corruption seems to take a different angle each and every day.Successful anti-corruption campaign must be supported by strong legal framework,enforcement and independent effective court.

Corruption is the singular threat to the constitution vision of our nation,our national security and economy >Transparency International Kenya


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